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Apparently, Birdman and Keyshia Cole are allegedly dating and when she caught Birdman with his “other woman” things went downhill from there. Security permitted Keyshia to enter the premises at about 5 AM,but when she walked in there was allegedly another woman inside. (Plot Twist: There were allegedly 4 other people in the condo, but the other woman walked out of Birdman’s bathroom) The two exchanged a few words, and a fight soon followed. Keyshia left the other woman with a severely scratched up face and was soon arrested for battery and get this.. an outstanding warrant. LORD HAVE MERCY. She was placed on bail for 46,000 USD.


The other woman’s name is Sabrina Mercadel, she stated that she is not Birdman’s sidechick and nothing is going on with them. In fact, she said she has been employed by Cash Money for over 10 years, and they’ve been friends forever. Hmm, major side-eye.. If ¬†Keyshia and Birdman are dating wouldn’t she have known about Sabrina then… We’ll just let this story unravel a little more and keep you posted.

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