@KimKardashian And @DaRealAmberRose Finally Make Up!

Is anyone else confused?

Not up to a week ago, Amber Rose and Kim K’s husband Kanye were engaged in a heated Twitter feud. But now, things have seemed to cool down a little bit.

Not as if we aren’t happy that Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian finally met up and made ammends after years of outright hate for eachother, but the meeting took a lot of people by surprise.

Amber once dated Kanye West, who is now husband to Kim Kardashian and the father of their two children. Since their sour breakup, the exes have continually dragged themselves into bitter fights on twitter.

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We are unsure of who chose to put an end to the series of fights, but Amber and Kim hung out last night and are still on speaking terms, despite all the unpleasant events that have happened between them and their families. Oh, and the two shared selfies on twitter to further prove that they’ve truly buried the hatchet. Amber captioned her photo, “Swingers ?☕️,” while Kardashian captioned hers, “Tea anyone?”



We’re glad that peace might reign from now on, but, what do you think?

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