@KimKardashian Defends Herself, Says She Didn’t Leave Baby Nori Behind

So I saw this meme on twitter and literally laughed-out-loud! I’m not sure how many of you tuned into the latest episode of ‘Keeping Up with Kim Kardashian West’ a couple days ago, where she supposedly forgot her newest accessory in a hotel.  No, no, no, not her North Face backpack; I’m talking about her daughter North West! To be honest I don’t even know where exactly to start, but I’m pretty sure Kim wouldn’t be so quick to forget baby Nori if she was attending a fashion show instead (sips tea, mixed with honey, lemon and a shot of tequila). Regardless of what I think though, Kim did speak out on twitter trying to shut down the accusations.



Sure Kimmy, like we haven’t heard those lines before. I really wish they would just allow that child to be a CHILD! What do you guys think, are you buying her story or naah?

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