@KondwaniFidel Talks Future Projects, Inspirations, His Career Success’ And More With @TheRaroLaeBlog — Must Watch!

Raro Lae caught up with published and world renowned Poet and spoken word artist, Kondwani Fidel on The Raro Lae Show, and it was excellent! Kondwani revealed to Raro the origins of his name, his inspiration behind his work, his journey thus far, and so much more! Kondwani even recited one of his poems live on the show, and it was AMAZING!

Kondwani Fidel

Kondwani Fidel is a writer, spoken word artist, and speaker who City Paper calls “A Poet Laureate.” He has been featured in The Huffington PostSky NewsCNN and other international publications. Business Insider writes, “The 22 year old poet is now reaching people all over the world.”

Kondwani has made multiple TV appearances, including Right This Minute TV, where his life story was syndicated to millions.

Recently, Kondwani Fidel shared the stage with rapper KRS-One at Virginia State University, prominent political activist Angela Davis at Radford University, and Dreamville artist Ari Lennox at Georgetown University.

Shortly after graduating from Virginia State University with a Bachelor’s degree in English, Kondwani released his debut poetry book Asperous Artistry in August 2015. Still living in East Baltimore, he is currently working on a collection of essays about the environmental impact on addiction and mental illness. Award-winning Salon columnist D. Watkins writes, “Kondwani is an inspiration to us all. His voice is sharp, relevant and now! We are truly lucky to witness his journey.”


Check out our interview below, and let us know what you think! Don’t forget to like and comment on the YouTube video, as well!

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