Kylie Jenner Breaks Kardashian/Jenner History 

Kylie Jenner is making Kardashian-Jenner family history by trying to AVOID a camera, after being part of a car accident lawsuit.
Jenner is looking to get out of giving a videotaped deposition related to her August 2013 crash … which happened just 18 days after she got her license.
In new court docs, Jenner says the depo is unnecessary since she’s accepted blame all along for the accident. Jenner claims she’s offered to settle the suit for $20,000 … but the victim has refused and insists on dragging this situation into a courtroom.
Jenner thinks this is really just a play to get publicity for the case … possibly, by leaking the taped depo. She wants the judge to 86 plans to record her testimony … or at least, keep it sealed.
She must be getting legal advice from Bieber and Lil Wayne.


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