Kylie Talks Goals For 2016

Kylie Jenner has high hopes for 2016.The 18-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star shared a new video on her app today outlining some of her goals and plans for what she’s calling “the year of the friends.”

“In 2015 we all kind of got disconnected,” she says. “I really didn’t appreciate my friends as much as I should, and they keep me grounded, and if I didn’t have them I feel like I really wouldn’t be myself.”

Kylie might be looking forward to spending more time with her real-life BFFs, but she’s planning to disconnect a little bit from the virtual world. Her New Year’s resolution, in fact, “was to not be on my phone as much,” she says. “I feel like I’m happier when I  don’t read comments, and I’m not on Instagram and I’m not focusing on what other people think about me. It makes me happier.”

And being happy, Kylie realizes now more than ever, is what really matters. 2016, she says, will be about “coming into your own and finding yourself.” Everyone around her is on the same page, she says, adding, “We just want to be good people and just do good things and have fun and just have no stress.”


Don’t we all? Kylie’s is also hoping to create “a successful makeup line” over the course of year, but when it comes to her personal beauty routine, she’s planning “to tone it down!”
Reason being you may ask? Dealing with fake nails, hair extensions and full-face makeup can just be “too much to maintain sometimes,” says Kylie. “It’s hard being a girl!”

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