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Laura Ikeji is running to her sisters defense, as should be expected, and she is going in! It’s not new news on the social media streets that Linda Ikeji is being accused of plagiarism and defamation of character, but the circumstances surrounding the incident are unclear. To be blunt, the accuser seems like a sketch. Linda Ikeji is constantly a common target, but why wouldn’t she be? She breaks life changing, relationship damaging, reputation ruining stories… and she breaks them first. So as a gossip site, she’s going to have many people who cannot stand her. It’s understandable why many would hate her. But is she really to blame? Her blog is a GOSSIP site, that’s what she’s supposed to post, it’s also why her site is so successful.

I honestly didn’t want to cover this story, because they’re are too many loopholes. But, I will say this, Nigerian blogs as a whole take content from one another. Scratch that, every entertainment blog as a whole takes content from one another. It is impossible for every media outlet to have the first breaking story. I broke a recent story and Linda Ikeji was one of the few main blogs to actually CITE that she got it from rarolae.com, unlike another huge main news source. ¬†*Sips Tea* Ironically enough, those same websites are carrying this plagiarism story.¬†Linda Ikeji is a one person team, with occasional help from her sister Laura, if you are familiar with blogging, it makes sense that sometimes she will literally copy and paste a story to make sure her fans get the latest news. But, I don’t see the harm in it if she cites where she got the story from.


Anyways, I’m growing bored of this post so I’ll cut it short.

Do you think Laura was right to lash out at 360 Nobs & Linda’s copyright infringement accuser?

How do you feel about these accusations?



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  1. Pryme

    It’s funny how lots of so called gossip bloggers have been silent on this. Yet they are quick to copy verbatim from Linda’s blog. When you are churning out like 25 – 30 posts a day, it’s extremely difficult (almost impossible) not to copy and paste.

    What I think she could do is summarize the such stores and link back to the original source. It’s kind of what Bella Naija does.

    Per Laura’s outburst on Noble, it’s quite understandable considering that 360nobs posted the story when they know that they as guilty as any entertainment blog.

    At this point though, Linda needs to build a team that would help make a brand even bigger. LIB can easily be Naija’s TMZ.


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