LAWD: @Lira_Galore & Her Best Friend @BeanieMinajj Attack Blogger For Revealing @RickRozay’s Sidechick Goes To Morgan!


See now, I’m not one to get messy, but Lira Galore kind of provoked this one. It all started when she posted an extremely revealing photo of her mother. Now I’m not one to call any one else mother a h*e, but another Twitter user was far from reluctant when it came to calling it how she saw it. See picture below.

@Lira_Galore Disses Rick Ross’s Alleged Side Chick, @SooPrettyJas From Morgan Univ. After He Flys Her Out To Miami! (See Receipts)


Lira Galore, did not take too kindly to the comment, and proceeded to call the Twitter  user Oprah and Whoopie Goldberg (who I’m sure make more money than Lira will probably make in her lifetime). Any who, the Twitter user made jest of her comments, because she actually was quite beautiful. One can assume, Lira only called her those other peoples name because they’re all dark skin.

Well, you guys know I don’t like when women want to make another woman feel inferior because they’re dark skin. So I politely put my two cents in, and went on with my regular schedule.

Screenshot 2015-12-30 01.36.47

After that tweet, Lira Galore did not immediately reply, but her tweets slowed down, and all of a sudden she stopped making fun of the other Twitter User.

Some messy time before the storm began, the Morgan University sidechick may or may not have stepped in my mentions to make it known that she had caught wind of my tweet, but we’re going to keep her identity on the low for now. But boo, we saw, we know. The entire DMV knows.

Moving on. Apparently, the reason Lira Galore’s tweets slowed down were because she called her homegirl, to tag team her in.

But before she did, she threw a little shade towards homegirl at Morgan, and let it be known that she had caught the tea. But by the looks of it, she seems well aware of the sidechick. According to her tweets, the homegirl from Morgan is ‘the ‘b*tch he f*cking w/ when [she’s] not f*cking with him.’ …. Twice.



Well, Lira’s best friend and personal chihuahua came barking up a storm in our mentions.


First, she rolled her eyes at the fact that the sidechick lived in a dorm, then she may have realized she came on too hot, and attempted to retract that statement saying..”I hope Morgan isn’t a school for her sake!”


Lira, only needed Beanie Minaj to say one thing, because moments later she was LMAOOOO-ing all up and down the TL, acknowledged the original tweet, and was basically giving her homegirl kudos for doing her dirty work.


Beanie, picture above, however wasn’t finished. She was just getting started. Her comments were initially ignored, because what respectable grown woman willingly goes back and forth with someone they don’t know on Twitter.  Plus, we aren’t friends with shorty from Morgan, we just got the tea! So don’t kill the messenger, ya know!

Screenshot 2015-12-30 01.50.19

Well, Beanie doesn’t like messengers ,and questioned our coins. Now a true boss, never boasts about her coins, cause she lets the coins speak for themself, so we just had to question the boss status right back.


Oh and we had to let her know, in no way or form were we praising the ‘side h*e’ cause we don’t get down with that, and we would never let any of our friends take that position. So chile, stay blessed and get that out of your head.

Screenshot 2015-12-30 01.50.02

Beanie, clearly was getting very angry, about the fact that we doubted her coins, so she suggested we check her IG to find out how much money she makes and who she really is, because we all know if you not popping on IG you nobody.


At this point we were done with this fitness IG model and her antics, and pleaded for her to go. But not before a polite little read.FullSizeRender-4


Once again, she urges us to check her IG so we can validate her credibility. Not even her LinkedIN. CHILE. At this point we realized we were talking to a fitness tea sipping, teeth whitening, waist training IG model, and began to realize that if Lira surrounded herself with these people, it’s no wonder why Rick Ross left her.


Beanie continued to talk about her IG, and how it apparently would deem her credibility, but we refuse to check it. Y’all can go ahead, by all means.



From the looks of it, it appears Rick Ross and Lira may be on the rocks once again, cause she’s clearly aware of Ross stepping out on her as well.

SOURCE: Twitter

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