Lil Wayne’s Thoughts On Drake’s New Tattoo Of His Face!

Recently on Instagram, Drake shared a glimpse of his tattoo dedicated to the rapper Lil Wayne. Apparently, Drake got the tattoo overseas about five months ago and when it was finished, he sent a picture of it to Lil Wayne. According to and TMZ’s sources, Wayne was “beyond floored and honored” by the tribute. Back in 2009, Lil Wayne signed Drake and rapper Nicki Minaj to Young Money/Cash Money Records. Both rappers went on to become two of the biggest artists worldwide thanks to Lil Wayne. So, what better way to show Drake’s appreciation than through a tattoo.



This is not the first time Drake has had tattoo tributes to a particular celebrity or someone close to him. He and Rihanna have matching shark tattoos:

Drake also has a tattoo of Singer Sade and a portrait tattoo of his father:


What do you think of getting a portrait tattoo of your favorite celebrity?

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