@Lira_Galore Disses Rick Ross’s Alleged Side Chick, @SooPrettyJas From Morgan Univ. After He Flys Her Out To Miami! (See Receipts)


After posting our exclusive story, that was also featured on Baller Alert, things became very heated in an epic battle of post and delete. But, we caught it all, and Lira Galore and Rick Ross’s alleged sidechick, definitely know about each other and do not like each other AT ALL. Jasmine is currently in Miami with Rick Ross and set to leave Miami today.

LAWD: @Lira_Galore & Her Best Friend @BeanieMinajj Attack Blogger For Revealing @RickRozay’s Sidechick Goes To Morgan! (Read Original Story Here)

Jasmine, the alleged sidechick, who attended Morgan University, but has now graduated, had been favoriting  (liking on Twitter)Lira Galore’s shade all night, and Lira Galore, from the looks of it, got tired of it, and tweeted that Jasmine was still trash.



We kept the entire screenshot so you could clearly see they were Jasmine’s likes. She also was liking our tweets all night pertaining to Lira, as well.


Jasmine fired right back, subtweet style, less than 10 minutes later, stating: “I’m trash b*tch? Says the passed around stripper! On who?!”


Well, Lira was definitely twatching and replied back that Jasmine was clearly mad.


Jasmine, replied essentially saying, why would she be mad when she’s with Rick Ross, and Lira Galore is at home..OOP!


Well, Lira Galore is actually not at Rick Ross’s home in Miami, she’s in LA. Jasmine, on the other hand was in a Miami Mansion that looked like Rick Ross’s. One of our readers caught Jasmine’s snapchat, but Jasmine deleted it within minutes. Keep in mind this is the same alleged sidechick that was featured on TheShaderoom for being in a penthouse suite in DC with Rick Ross, and out to dinner with him as well on snapchat, captioning the photo…’Bae’.

After this Lira went on tweeting about her being out and having fun, perhaps she was drinking last night, because Lira was certainly in a “idc” mood.

Jasmine, continued tweeting and deleting and her close friend even joined in to bash Lira Galore. According to Jasmine, Lira Galore saw her at Bliss Night Club in Washington, DC, where she recently guest hosted and did not say anything to Jasmine. This means, Lira knew about Jasmine for awhile because she was at Bliss Nightclub on December 5, 2015.


Jasmine was not a happy camper when our exclusive story hit Baller Alert and took to IG and Twitter to bash Lira for keeping her name in her mouth. However, it’s ironic she said Baller Alert or any blog for that matter mentioned her, because all that was mentioned was that Rick Ross had a sidechick. NOBODY mentioned her name. She also stated that the sidechick allegation was a rumor, despite pleading the fifth to the allegations earlier while laughing. A close source to Jasmine has confirmed that Jasmine is in fact Rick Ross’s alleged sidechick, and that Jasmine used to allegedly struggle with paying her car note, but now is flossing with Chanel and Hermes bags, and all types of high end labels.


Jasmine confirmed she was in Miami, but would be leaving soon below, but only after RT a comment stating she looks better than Lira Galore.


Below is Lira Galore and Jasmine

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