L’Oreal Is Once AGAIN Being Sued For Another Relaxer Incident, Which Resulted In A Customer Losing A LOT Of Her Hair!

Photo Credit: Google, TMZ
Photo Credit: Google, TMZ

It looks like L’Oreal is in trouble once again. Another angry customer, Delicia Taylor,is suing L’Oreal for burning her bald. She has photograph evidence to show that the relaxer caused harm to her hair.  As many of you may know, L’Oreal has been pushing their  hair relaxer called SoftSheen-Carson Optimum Amla Legend No-Mix, No Lye Relaxer. Delicia Taylor’s lawsuit is against the company, which said that she was promised  fuller and silky hair.  According to the legal docs obtained by TMZ, Taylor’s images where shown how the product burnt her scalp and made her bald.

Back in September, a group of angry customers made similar complaints. This was after L’Oreal got a lot of celebrities  to promote the product.  Delicia Taylor  and the other women who were allegedly burned, are all suing  for more than 5 million in damages.


It looks like L’Oreal has some explaining to do.

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