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Happy New Year Loves !!

This has been a splendid holiday season with lots of fun, family and FOOD!

With that being said, we all know whatever we eat our skin reacts to it whether good or bad.

To maintain healthy glowing skin try these natural face masks by LUSH USA.

If you personally know me then you know I love LUSH !

They are completely affordable and use actual fruits and vegetables in their products, hence the reason why they last up to 3 weeks of



The two masks that I use are Ayesha and Brazened Honey (this sells out almost everyday)

Brazened Honey 

download (3)

This mask contains two of the many effective ingredients that deep clean and brighten the skin: honey and turmeric

I use this mask every other day before going to bed.  I love how it minimizes my pores and brightens my skin eliminating that dull

grey look and adding a nice glow.

It has a tingling feeling too 🙂



This is hands down my FAVORITE mask !! Whats funny is that when I first was introduced to Lush, I was told that it targets anti-aging

relaxes that muscles on your face.

As for the many of us: seeing is believing !

I had a stressful week during that time and decided to pamper myself.

After applying the mask and washing it off I was shocked as to how relaxed and awake my skin was !

I then remembered how the sale’s associate raved about the masked and mentioned that its good to put on before a date loll

The key ingredients in here are kiwi and asparagus

Such refreshing products ! 

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