@Meekmill Calls Out @Wale For Being Fake


Just this week Rick Ross announced Meek Mill’s latest album coming out in September. Everybody hyped it up, except Wale that is and that was the last straw for Meek. The rap industry has a lot of drama we don’t see and this type of feud amongst a label was bound to happen. This isn’t the first time Wale has been accused of not supporting one of his own, but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps he was just busy.. But Meek ain’t buying it. He thinks Wale is a cornball and has been hating on him this whole time. According to Meek, Wale doesn’t even hit him up like real family should and needs to cut out this whole front he put up. I mean I don’t know, Wale why you ain’t show your man no love? It is a little petty. What y’all think?



UPDATE: Hold up wait a minute we thought he was finished. But apparently not. Meek is still going. What is really going on at MMG. Rick Ross you just can’t catch a break.




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