Miranda Lambert In Trouble With PETA And Fans! 

 Animal rights supporters are not happy with Miranda Lambert! 
The 32-year-old country singer posted on her Instagram page today, a photo of herself bundled up in one of two fur coats, family heirlooms, she received as gifts from her grandmother.

“‘I’m so fancy… You already know,'” she wrote, quoting Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX’s breakout 2014 hit. “My Nonny gave me two of her fur coats! I definitely know where I got my love for DIAMONDS, FUR and WHISKEY! #familytradition #grandmastreasures #besthandmedownever #wandathewanderer #bringitwinter.”

She also posted a photo of her grandmother.

“We had higher hopes. Since Miranda rescues dogs, we always thought she could see that whether fur comes from a mink, a fox, or a dog or a cat in China, the source is always a gentle animal who did not want to die,” PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange said in a statement to E! News.


Many of Lambert’s followers also condemned the fur coats and her choice to wear them.
“Miranda I love your music!” one person wrote. “But I HATE the fact that you support such cruel industries such as fur and hunting!”
“I’m really surprised that you would promote such a cruel industry. I thought you were an animal lover but obviously I was wrong,” another person said.
Lambert and her mother, Bev, are co-founders of the MuttNation Foundation, which aims to “end animal cruelty, neglect and homelessness” and supports animal shelters and promotes pet adoption events and spade and neuter campaigns. The singer also has several dogs of her own.
Lambert has, however, hunted animals before, including with ex-husband Blake Shelton, 39.


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