More Trouble For #MMG @50Cent Disses @RickRozay, Rick Ross Fires Right Back! 

50 Cent is King of being petty, and despite a hefty lawsuit it seems like 50 still wants to keep toying with Rick Ross and his baby mama.

50 Cent was charged a multimillion fine when he decided to leak Rick Ross’s baby mama’s, Shonti’s nudes and sex tape.

Earlier today, Shonti complained about 50 Cent stalking her and hiring a private investigator to tail her. See what she said below.

This post clearly had 50 feeling some type of way, so he went for the next safest target. Can’t be harassing the plaintiff ya know! So 50 decided to get Rick Rozay body printed on a shirt, saggy titties and all. It’s not clear if he’s actually going to sell the shirts but he might want to think about doing so,LOL.

Rozay was not here for it though, and bossed up on 50, saying he essentially gave 50 a job at MMG since he’s broke and all, after filing bankruptcy.

Lawd, Jesus be a fence. This could go left real quick! LOL

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