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Saturday, I hiked the beautiful Appalachian Trail with one of my sister’s. We set out for an early day, 8 am and arrived at our destination around 9:41 am. I had been excited for this trip all month, and finally it was here! In my opinion vacation does not mean fine wine and a villa, vacation is doing something you don’t do everyday and acknowledging God’s creation. Therefore, hiking in Northern Maryland was perfect for me.

As soon as we arrived we checked out the local visitors center for maps, walking sticks and guidance. The park workers were super friendly and wanted to tell us so much, all I could see were the trees and I wanted to Go LOL!  I was thrilled to experience nature with my sister and my God, the day had so many possibilities I was overwhelmed.

We proceeded on our way…

Some hours went by before I knew it, and we had already hiked many mountains, refusing to take a break. We were determined to reach our destination and had fun doing so! Eventually we steered off course a little but found our way back and decided to take a rest. In the midst of our rest and laughs my sister began to experience random pain, and I was praying she could shake it off. Soon I realized how could I rush her healing when I had felt the same pain earlier this summer. I quickly felt God telling me to comfort her even as someone had comforted me in my situation. Despite feeling inwardly selfish, I decided to show kindness first and allow my feelings to catch up later. At first I didn’t know what to do or say, so I believed in God and acted how Jesus would act with me. I practiced patience beyond my understanding, trusting God would cause my feelings to match my actions in due time.

After forgiving my selfish intuition I began to really be there for my sister making sure she was rested, and felt no pain. I felt responsible for her in a way I had never felt before, she needed my help up that mountain and I had every intention of helping her. After many breaks, and encouragement we finally reached the top and the scenery was magnificent. However, something even more wonderful than the view was the work God had done in my heart. He dealt with my selfishness in that moment unlike ever before and I was grateful. Although, I would never want my sister to be in pain, I realized she was facing it for a reason that pertained to both of us. God knew I needed that experience to truly stick closer than a brother to my sister. He knew I was self- centered and decided to fix it in the most practical way possible.

In the end reaching the mountaintop was a height of relaxation I had never experienced before. In that moment never had I appreciated a rock so much. In that moment I was truly grateful for the solid rock on which I stand (Jesus).


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