Mr. P ‘@PeterPSquare’ Talks His Tour, Going Solo, His Acting Career, Wokie Wokie, Afrobeat & More!

It’s no news that legendary duo and group, P.Square have gone their separate ways. Although they have split, this has not deterred Peter “Mr.P” Okoye.

American-Nigerian media personality, Raro Lae caught up with Peter “Mr.P” Okoye during his tour which is still happening in the United States. While on The Raro Lae Show Mr. P discussed his Europe & North America Tour, life as a solo artist, the story of his latest single & video featuring Nyanda (formerly apart of reggae group Brick & Lace) , “Wokie Wokie” ( which is Q U I T E the story) , advocating for protecting women, why he will be taking a break from his music career for SIX MONTHS in the near future and so much more!

When asked about his experience touring and working as a newly solo artist with several hit singles released this year, he responded:

“I mean if I say the experience at the moment is something new, I would be lying. It’s nothing new, it’s the same old thing. It’s just now basically, that I’m doing it [his career] my own way. I’m enjoying every bit of it. I’m in charge of myself. I do things I want it to be. I do things the way it should be done.”

Mr.P went on to say, when asked about securing his spot in the industry:

“I don’t want people to get any impression that I’m out here trying to prove a point. There nothing to prove. Anyone who thinks I’m out there to prove anything is ignorant. Even if I don’t get paid, I’d still be doing music.” However, when asked about the rise of Afrobeats throughout the world he expressed he is honored to be apart of this movement, as well as “the former us” in his words. Like many others in the industry he encouraged all involved in the Afrobeat movement not to feel 100% secure, but continue to keep working hard!

Mr.P made it clear he is here to S T A Y and he is not limiting himself when it comes to his career, from acting to directing and so much more.  Mr.P is sure to continue making some serious waves in the entertainment industry.

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