We understand that interviews can be a bit overwhelming and nerve racking and sometimes your nerves can get the best of you. Raro Lae has a few tips to keep your nerves in check and help you land that dream job you’ve been anticipating.

  1. Come Prepared

    • Although the employer most likely has already reviewed your resume it is always imperative to bring this along with you to the actual interview. This shows that you are prepared and organized.  Your appearance is everything. We live in a world where your addressed as your perceived. With that being said, make sure your wrinkles are pressed out, blouses are tucked in, hair combed and your smile is brightening up the room!


  1. Research Your Client

    • Yes, we’re serious. Know the ins and outs of their company and the industry. The more detailed the better.  Use this knowledge that you have attained and incorporate it into all of the answers to the questions that are thrown your way. Your interviewer will be beyond impressed!
  2. Take Your Time

    • There is no rush when it comes to answering questions during your interview. Often when you rush, you will find yourself stumbling on your words and sometimes omitting certain key points that are essential to providing the desired answers. It’s okay to breathe!
  3. Review The Position Description You Are Applying For

    • As obvious as this may seem, far too many people assume they know everything about the position they are applying for and overlook important details. Focus on the position description and capitalize on your strong points based on your own professional experience. Use this to your advantage and incorporate this into your answers as well.
  4. Group Interviews

    • Contrary to popular belief, group interviews are actually a good thing. This is your time to shine – This is when it is essential to know your stuff! Always try and answer first and as detailed as possible. Go above and beyond in your answers, so it makes it impossible for anyone to answer the question in a way that doesn’t sound like they are repeating what you are saying.  Interviewers will notice this and take note of it.
  5. Sharpen Up Your Vocab

    • Once again, we’re serious. If you have to say exuberance, esoteric, circumlocution, or puerile, do just that. Who doesn’t want a well rounded and educated individual to work for them. Funny enough, you may leave them scratching their head and feeling as if they are the ones getting interviewed. Take them out of the comfort zone just enough to get them to want to know more about you.

– Believe it or not your future employer is a human just like you. Have a conversation with them, just like you would anyone else. Breathe easy and show them what you got. Make plenty of eye contact, annunciate, speak with confidence and lastly and most importantly be yourself.

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