D-CAL, for the man dem! D-Cal definitely did Baltimore proud (and Africa, yup he’s Ghanian) on this track. This artist is an up and coming talent hailing from the DMV and he surely is going to go far, he’s already gained attention from many notable artist and fans. So much so, that he was voted and killed his performance on stage at UMD: Art Attack with Wale and Big Sean performing just moments late. His flow is swagged out and you can just here the confidence oozing out of this track. We see big things for D-Cal in the future. Check out his latest song and let us know what you think!

A Little Bit More About D-Cal:

Hailing from Ghana, Caliber moved to Baltimore at age 2. It would only be two years later that he unknowingly began to form his rap-crew, DoubleUp. Caliber said that DoubleUp is his core group of friends who help him produce all of his music.

In elementary school Caliber met his long-time friend LTG; in middle school Caliber battle-rapped with his friend Profit on the bus ride to school; in high school Caliber began to refine his craft by rapping with his friend EJ after school; and at UMD Caliber met his executive producer, Keisha. Together, along with Caliber, these individuals compose DoubleUp.

However unique the composition of DoubleUp may be, the story of how the crew came to be is even more so. While working at Living Sans Frontier, an assisted living home for the mentally disabled, Caliber found himself using his free time to work on his raps. Caliber noticed himself repeating “double up, double up don” anytime he was recording and decided to brand himself with the phrase on the grounds that “it sounded kinda hot!”

Caliber wanted the phrase to have substance, though, to reflect who he was and how he came to be. Growing up in the impoverished area of Baltimore was no walk in the park for Caliber, and every obstacle he encountered required him to try twice as hard than people who were more fortunate than he. Reflecting on his childhood experiences, Caliber said, “Whatever you’re doing in life, double it up.” Caliber said that the way he worked past adversity was by working twice as hard with each new obstacle.

The message of DoubleUp is no more emphasized in Caliber and his crew than with their new song “Water Whippin.” Although the phrase traditionally refers to making crack-cocaine, Caliber uses the phrase to focus on the idea of doing whatever it takes to achieve one’s goals. “No matter what you’re doing in life, whether you’re in school, an entrepreneur, or taking the entertainment route, you’re working towards a specific goal: you’re water whipping,” he said.

In the fifth grade, Caliber unknowingly began to embrace these ideals that define him today. Caliber recalled the mantra of his fifth grade teacher; “You can either be a big fish in a small pond or small fish in a big pond,” and for some reason that phrase did not sit well with him. After years of honing his craft by embodying the ideals of doubling-up and water whipping, Caliber rebukes his teacher’s mantra as he takes the stage this year at Art Attack 2014.

Featured as UMD’s winner of the Battle of Bands and the opening act to Wale and Big Sean, it is apparent that Caliber is a big fish in a big pond.

For music from Caliber, check out his YouTube channel, Deuce Caliber. Also, be on the look out for his new album Hunger Pains, which was released April 29.


– Ryan Eskalis

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