Burna freaking Boy. Burnaboy has officially outdone himself. Internationally, I do not believe that another artist has ever  attempted or accomplished a video such like this. The fact that Burna Boy is so new in the game, a music video at this level is pleasantly surprising and extremely impressive. Excuse us if we are too blunt but where did he get to money to do this!? I mean from the beautiful models to LIVE FREAKING CHEETAHS, air balloons, classic luxury cars, and extensively detailed set make ups, this video looks like MONEY! But I mean hey the song is entitled Don Gorgon. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Screenshot 2014-07-01 14.03.08 Screenshot 2014-07-01 14.04.47 Screenshot 2014-07-01 14.04.58 Screenshot 2014-07-01 14.06.24 Screenshot 2014-07-01 14.07.12

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