WOLTRK Ent and Radioactiiv Projects present Eva Alordiah’s
Official Music video for the song S.H.U.G.A.
In an entertaining yet, intellectually pleasurable fashion, the story
captures a scene much reminiscent of the ever unfolding life experiences
of a great many African girls. Or maybe even girls all around the world.

For the many who Eva must be pleased to have shared this song with,
“Shuga” has come to mean a lot of different things, spurring emotions
of excitement and fan appraisals throughout Africa.
But for the young girls the song and its accompanying video aims
to connect with, “Shuga” is Love. And not just any kind of Love, but
one that the unfortunate wills of peer pressure or the unfavorable reality the society presents.

The short-film type visuals, directed by Mex Ossai and shot on location in Lagos Nigeria, also features Eva Alordiah playing lead, alongside Model and Actor Chris Obia as her male companion.
Do Enjoy and Share.


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