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The amount of times I’ve been to New York City are uncountable, but the amount of times I experienced the city… Once. This past week I decided that it was time for a much needed vacation. Yes, I could have headed to the beach but my heart let me to the fashion capital, the city that never sleeps, where the hustle is always real, New York City.

It’s only right that this trip was full of adventures, and  ups and downs. I mean hey it’s me, you never know what to expect. The first night I hit the city I attended the Nigerian Entertainment Awards, but that’s a story for another blog post. Let’s just say I was a little disappointed.

I took the next couple of days to relax, and then the real fun began. I decided to go site-seeing, so at about 1PM I set out into the city. Originally I wanted to go to The Statue of Liberty but time did not permit so instead I went to Central Park, and that was the best decision I made. Central Park is 829 Acres large,  and although I may have only experierenced 100  (If that, homegirl is out of shape) it was absolutely AMAZING and beautiful. The scenery was breath-taking. I checked out the Carousel, which has been in operation at Central Park since 1871. The original carousel was powered by a blind horse and mule, imagine that! After that I headed over to Chess and Checkers House, The Ice Rink which was now a kiddy amusement park until the winter, The Pond, as well as past the zoo. I climbed a few rock high points, and although I look calm in my picture I was freaking out and struggled to get down but hey fake it till you make it.

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When I thought I was worn out, I came across my princess chariott. I HAD to get on the horse tour guide. Without hesitation I jumped on, and hit the city. Our guide took us through the park, and through the city. This is when we passed Trump Towers, and where Donald Trump Actually lives. He showed us Madonnas, Beyonce and Jay-Z’s penthouse. ( No they weren’t home, I left a message though :P). He also showed us many building that were used in popular movies, such as Home Alone, The Tower Heist, and many more.



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Unfortunately my princess tour guide had to come to an end, so rather than take a cab to Times Square, I trekked over there to really absorb the entire city. Once I got to times square, I headed to the stairs took a seat at the top and just sat. I sat there until my heart was content, until I had watched as many people as my eyes had endured, until I meditated on where I was in life and where I needed to be.

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Of course, on my last night, I had to let loose a little bit so my loves and friends hit the streets of Manhattan and mingled at a classy Hookah Lounge in Manhattan. It was a much needed escape. Unfortunately (But not really) we were having way too much fun throughout the night that we forgot to take photos, but the memories will be there forever. I did manage to take a photo with my girl Deeya, the former Miss Mali USA, prior to our night on the town!


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