Nigerian Socialite Bobrisky Refuses To Pay Texan Hairstylist @WithLoveLexii & Runs Out On Bill

“When I say Oshay you say baddest”, is just one of the catch phrases of Bobrisky.

Despite not knowing what talent Bobrisky is actually famous for, he has been in the center of attention for much of 2017.

Bobrisky is an advocate of skin bleaching and receiving money from “sugar daddies”. He often boasts of his immense wealth.

However, a 17 year old Texan hair stylist begs to differ.

Originally, twitter user Lex appeared to be extremely excited. But 12 hours later at 2:19AM, her tone changed.

According to another user, Lex allegedly took out his previous weave, waited 4 hours for him to wash his hair, then still had to purchase rubbing alcohol to get out the remaining glue and then finally installed his new beaded braids. This work typically could range from $100-400 or more. Did we mention she supplied the hair for the new installment?

Unfortunately for Lex, she received ZERO dollars.

Bobrisky refused to pay, AND he didn’t even shout her out on social media for her services. (BUT he did manage to post the finish product on his snap, with no reference to Lex)

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  1. ceecee

    oshey baddest smh


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