Nine Ways To Catch Some ZZZ’s Faster


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Photo credit: Google

For those who have trouble sleeping, there is no need to fear! Here is the low down on how to get better sleep, faster. To start this sleep routine, you have to wind down at least an hour before its time to go to bed. “We are assaulted by information all the time  and it’s really up to us to create routines that help separate the buzzing of train of the brain from our sleep routines,” said Janet Kennedy Ph.D (Daily burn). The body and mind has to adjust to the feeling of being relaxed and ready for bed. Taking a warm bath or shower is the best way for body to slow down.  By leaving the warm temperature, the body temperature triggers a sleepy feeling which causes the body to feel slowed down. Putting on socks can create a balance between feeling cool after leaving the shower or bath to have warm soothing feet, and by wearing socks it creates blood flow through out the feet to make you feel comfortable and ready for bed.

We have been so focus on sleeping in the “perfect position”  that we can’t get the proper sleep that we need.  Instead try to position your self in a way to help you breathe during your rest. Don’t go to bed until you actually feel tired. Try to calm yourself during the day so that by night, you will be ready for bed. When your feel intense while trying to go to sleep, get out of bed  and try to do calming tasks such as doing laundry , cross word puzzles and etc. until you feel tired. This technique will help you not think about anything that will cause discomfort. Don’t stare at your alarm clock because by you keeping track of time it will create more stress for and keep up awake. If you still have racing thoughts, try writing out a to-do list or write out your thoughts.   Sleep is the most important thing for your health. The lack of sleep can cause a great impact on a person’s life, for instance job performance and over all health.  So try to get some sleep as recommended , eight hours is required to make you feel a hundred percent in no time!

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