@NormaniKordei Falls Off Stage

Normani Kordei took a tumble while performing onstage with Fifth Harmony at one of the group’s recent concerts and landed so gracefully, you could have sworn she did it on purpose. The incident took place in Brazil, reports said.

Kordei and the others were performing the song “Made You Mad” when she suddenly lost her footing, turned half way and landed in a half-split, flipping her long hair back triumphantly. And did we mention she was wearing thigh-high high-heeled boots?

Normani Kordei, Fifth Harmony

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

A fan captured video of the incident earlier this month and it recently went viral. The clip has spurred much concern and praise for Kordei.

“You already know…it’s hard out in these streets while trying to do it gracefully in heels…lmao,” she tweeted.

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