At work doing everything to remain sane in my boredom (except homework, I’ll do that later) I started reading the New York Times. ISIS, Ebola and so much more filled the pages it almost kill my vibe, well not completely because my God is able and we are under his protection and control. But I digress…. Saving certain articles to read later, I stumbled upon the style section which I typically avoid because fashion writing bores me and ironically it’s the industry I’m interested in. But, there’s something about fall and spring looks I don’t care about although the mechanics and business aspects of fashion inspire me beyond belief. I scrolled the page with my eyes and stumble on the title Where Did The Models Go Ralph?, written by Stuart Emmrich.

So I quickly went to search for page 6 and was confused and excited to read the Ralph Lauren (RL) spring 15 show was completely holographic and took place in Central Park. My mind couldn’t comprehend the words so I looked it up on YouTube. MIND BLOWN. The RL show was an entire 9.50 minutes of holographic clothing, sets, and models. Not to mention the projection was being shown on the water (As if it wasn’t already amazing). Basically America’s #1 designer offered New York Fashion Week to all those who could see it in Central Park. The rich, middle class, homeless man, beautifully and fearfully made alike were given access to the excellence that is Ralph Lauren.

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