If you aren’t hip to the movement it’s time to get hip NOW. Odo Obi Hair is officially launching their website on July 12 and they have an amazing sale in store for you upon launching. Odo Obi Hair is perfect for natural protective hairstyles such as havana twist, faux dreads, marley twist, crotchet, up-dos, braids and so much more! It’s very low maintenance and is perfect for transition stages. RLTV’s host Raro Lae personally has used OdoObi Hair for her favorite crotchet style and absolutely loved it! We know you will to!

Also word on the street is that they will be running a special promotion for all their followers, so make sure you follow them on every network!

OdoObi Contact Information:

Email: odoobihair@gmail.com

Website: odoobihair.com

IG: Odoobi Hair

Twitter: Odoobi Hair

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