Screenshot 2014-10-15 13.23.41 Screenshot 2014-10-15 13.23.34Recently it seems like Wizkid, has been receiving a lot of heat for his recent behavior, and attitude. First Davido, then Samklef, and NOW Saeon. Saeon did not state any names, but if you remember her latest video with Wiz Kid was “Boogie Down”. Saeon paid Wizkid N1.5M naira for this hit feature and video, and he never so much as RT the video. Now, if you watch the video, you’ll be just as confused as I am, because that music video was on 100%. I’m talking sexiness, professionalism, creativity.. all that.

What I want to know is, why is this constant theme of  Wizkid being unsupportive becoming a regular thing. Whether Samklef, was hurt or not, it does raise some eyes brows as to why has Wizkid never seen his close friends, loved one (As Wiz Stated) son not to mention his house.

And let’s be real. Davido and Wizkid are beefing. Let’s stop all of this political righteousness. What does the beef stem from? Why have they never collaborated.. one of the two biggest sensations? What does Wizkid fear will happen if he supports other people besides him self?

But… yes, now I will sip my tea.

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