Parkland Shooter Blames “Demon” In his Head For School Shooting

Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz has come forward and says he blames killing at least 17 of his former classmates on “demons” in his head.

Left alone inside a police interview room just a few hours after he had gunned down 17 of his former classmates and educators at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., the confessed gunman, Nikolas Cruz, said he no longer wanted to live.

“Kill me,” he muttered to himself, finishing with a stream of despairing expletives.

Detective John Curcio of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office had stepped out to get a glass of water for the suspect, though Mr. Cruz had said he didn’t “deserve it.” The recorder inside the room was still running.

The scene would repeat itself several times throughout the night, according to a partial transcript of the interview released on Monday: Detective Curcio would leave the room and Mr. Cruz, 19, would talk to himself about dying, about how he was “worthless.”

“I don’t understand. I just want to die,” Mr. Cruz said. “I just want to die now.”

Then, after nearly three hours of questioning: “Why didn’t he kill me? Why didn’t he kill me? Why didn’t he kill me? Why didn’t he kill me? Why didn’t he kill me?”

It is unclear to whom he was referring.

The transcript revealed for the first time what Mr. Cruz told police following the mass shooting, including that he blamed a “demon” voice inside his head for his actions. The voice, Mr. Cruz told Detective Curcio, gave him instructions: “Burn. Kill. Destroy.”

According to @NYPost, while speaking to a detective, Nikolas said the voice in his head told him to “Burn. Kill. Destroy.” He also said he was in a constant battle with the voice in his head.

During the rest of the interview conducted by the detective, Nikolas also said he didn’t like the demon and started asking “why didn’t he kill me?”

As of now, Nikolas is facing the death penalty or a life sentence if he takes a guilty plea.

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