Petite Abeille!! ( bon appétit)

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My very good friend from back home  flew into NYC, I had to show her a pleasant time  ….the place was super close to where we are staying and popped up when I searched ‘brunch’ on yelp. We walked past to check it out the day before and liked the look of the breakfast menu so much we decided to come back.

Unfortunately jet lag meant we missed the breakfast menu and ended up with lunch but this was not an issue as there were lots of good options.I’m a huge fan of mussels, and their deals for it can’t be beat. Bottomless mussels, beers, wine, whatever Belgian dish you can think of, it’s all good here. My friend and I also had desserts; a sweet waffle with berries and whipped cream and a chocolate  banana whipped cream Definitely don’t skip on the waffles. You will regret it.

The service was really good, fast and friendly. Overall a great little place, nothing fancy or pretentious just lovely, tasty food. Highly recommended. 🙂



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