Pixie Cuts – A Beauty Risk Worth Taking!

Dozens of celebrities have truly proven the versatility and unique style of the short hairdos. From Beyonce to Zendaya, pixie cuts have now become a trend every girl should definitely try. Though a very bold move, requiring much courage to chop off your locks and the patience to grow them back, a pixie cut will totally be worth it while it lasts.

So, what’s this vogue that many females have dived into? A Pixie Cut is a woman’s short hairstyle in which the hair is cropped in layers, typically so as to create a slightly tousled effect.

This style has dated back into the 90s, and many women before us have lived to tell the tale. Audrey Hepburn, perhaps brought the sleek trend into light? We guess so!


Scroll through to get some more celebrity-inspired looks on the pixie cut!







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