PLOT TWIST: Twitter User Curves His Alleged Married EX, Who Turns Out To Be Allegedly Himself? We’re Confused Too. 

Like any regular morning on Naija twitter, it started with a bang.

A popular Twitter user, by the handle of James Ndu had been told by an ex that she missed him. Only problem was, she was allegedly married and he wasn’t feeling it.

See tweets below.

Twitter quickly got ahold of these tweets and the Bants began, and James soon began trending.

But this is when it got weird, another Twitter user joined the equation and stated that BOTH accounts were in fact owned by James Ndu.


This is when Nigerian Twitter exploded see reactions below.


The account was soon deleted but this wasn’t before Twitter users linked the account to James Ndu, as at least his old account.

See this example as well.


James Ndu, began to reply that their was an explanation but has not yet given one.


A short while ago, James Ndu made his current new account after stating that he had sold his prior account.

This could be a possible explanation.

What do you guys think?


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