Product of the Week: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palettes

Hello my makeup lovers <3 !!! So lets talk Urban Decay !!

Urban Decay eyeshadows are staple items in my kit. In my opinion, they have the best color pay off, pigmentation, unique colors, and soft/blendable shadows.  I’m sure you have heard of the highly talked about Naked (1, 2, and 3) palettes which come in neutral, gold, and rose shadows. However, there is more to Urban Decay than the Naked palettes.  The palettes that will be mentioned are for those who love color and brightness to their eyes! I have about four UD palettes and would love to share and swatch them but there’s no point since they were limited edition and no longer up for retail :(.

Electric Palette 
Electric Palette retails for $49

These vivid pressed pigments have supreme color pay off ! Urban Decay rarely makes matte textures, however, this comes in  mixtures of matte and velvety shadows with loads of neon.  Not only are these shadows good for smokey eyes but it can also be good with an editorial look.

Vice 3
Vice 3 retails for $60

From matte, velvet, shimmer, metallic, and even sparkling finishes Urban Decay does it again with their annual Vice palette.  I have the Vice 2 palette and when I swatched it in person I couldn’t contain myself! These shadows can create a variety of looks depending on the transitioning colors you use on your crease.  Personally, I like to use a black base when using deep or metallic shadows from UD.  The color pay off is ridiculous.

Shadow Box retails for $34
Shadow Box retails for $34

As Urban Decay described, this is the weekend getaway palette ! No matter what look you are going for this will help you go from day to night ! From Sin, which is a muted champagne pink, to Blackout, which is a very very matte black, you will go from sweet and innocent to sexy and sultry.

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