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Ever since I’ve looked intcustom_cover_drops_droppero and had the chance to sample this item there was no way I would not tell you all about this.  The Cover FX Custom Cover Drops is not a foundation but actually a pigmented liquid.  Here is a little background on this line, Cover FX was made my dermatologists to cater to skin.  This includes choosing ingredients that will not be harsh on our skin such as various vitamins and emollients. Cover FX is vegan line that excludes mineral oils, which causes clogging of pores, and also excludes parabens that can cause inflammation to the skin.  Check out  for more information.

Do you have a foundation that you barely touch because its a bit ashy or does not give enough full coverage? Or a maybe you don’t feel like wearing foundation and choose to wear your moisturizer, however, you wish you could cover up some blemishes.  Then this product is for you.

When you add drops of this liquid pigment into your foundation it completely transforms the original product in pigmentation and coverage. This makes it rich and depending on how many drops you put it also might heighten the coverage. For example, 1 drop= sheer, 2 drops= medium && 3-4 drops= full coverage.

This line comes in 25 shades. My shade is N90 which is in their neutral range. In my opinion, their neutral range has a yellow-golden undertone, which is what I actually am. ccd-soldier-shot

Here is a detailed video by YT: theycallme_mo showing and explaining how the custom drops worked for her.

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