Protective Style Series: Crochet with Marley Hair


As a fellow naturalista I get tired of the silky Brazilian hair look and crave a protective style that mimics my natural hair. After researching I came across crochet which has been around for years! Growing up I used to get crochet braids with the little curly hair. Looking back I don’t know what my mother was thinking! My friend and fellow blogger Sofia decided to install Marley hair as crochet braids! When her hair was done I knew I had to steal her style! (sorry Sof! lol)

After multiple videos on You Tube I followed the advice of many vloggers and braided my hair in a beehive rather than straight back. I’m very glad I did because it allowed the hair to have a seamless install that looked so natural! I used a large bobbi pin to install my hair! After installing 2.5 packs of Odo Obi Marley Hair I was in LOVE! I cut each pack of hair in half to achieve a more natural length. I also left out my perimeter hair so that I could put it in a high ponytail if I desired. It took me a little under 2 hours to install and style my crochet braids.

If any naturalistas are looking for an easy natural look then crochet braids are the way to go! I’ve seen many people use Milky Way’s Deep Wave vs. Marley hair. I personally like Marley hair better! Here are a few pics of installs that I’ve done! Enjoy!





Odo Obi Marley Hair
Odo Obi Marley Hair



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