Rapper B.O.B Is Out To Prove That The World Is Really Flat & He Wants You To Pay For It!

No, ladies and gentleman, this is not a joke! The Flat Earther-rapper B.O.B has started a GoFundMe page to purchase and launch multiple satellites into space to try and prove once and for all that the Earth is really flat.

Wikimedia / Dominick Brady

The man formerly known as Bobby Ray is definitely not shy when it comes to his opinion about the Earth being flat. He even dropped his E.A.R.T.H. mixtape talking about Flat Earth on Earth Day 2016. In the video below, B.O.B explains that he is starting his GoFundMe to send satellites far into space so that he can find the curve. So far, the rapper has raised $586 out of a goal of $200,000 in just four days.


If you yourself are a Flat Earther, here’s the website where you can help B.O.B find the curve!


Source: Complex

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