RECAP: @AllThingsAnkara Fashion Week 2015 (Official Photos Included)

All Things Ankara Fashion Week is the first ever Ankara Print Fashion Week to exist. It is founded and executively produced by the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of All Things Ankara,Nikki Billie Jean.


All Things Ankara Fashion Week  is a series of fashion events that showcases, highlights, and celebrates Ankara Print Fashion. The event is an economic platform which highlights and introduces emerging and established Ankara Print inspired designers, and small businesses to the general public and untapped demographics.


Fashion designers were given the opportunity to showcase their latest luxurious Ankara designs on the runway at night for the Ankara Fashion and during the afternoon small business owner sold their products during the Ankara Marketplace.


The All Things Ankara Fashion Week was hosted by yours truly, Raro Lae and it was an amazing event. From published designers such as African Allure by Euphrasie Designs, to ethnic dancers and musical performers, the night was truly exhilerating.


People from all over the world came together to celebrate Africa’s beautiful heritage and culture showcased and embodied through Ankara print.
Enjoy the photo’s below, official video recap coming soon.

EFE_0055 EFE_0056 EFE_0060 EFE_0062 EFE_0067 EFE_0070 EFE_0073 EFE_0077 EFE_0079 EFE_0081 EFE_0088 EFE_0091 EFE_0095 EFE_0101 EFE_0112 EFE_0114 EFE_0120 EFE_0127 EFE_0129 EFE_0130 EFE_0138 EFE_0141 EFE_0154 EFE_0157 EFE_0161 EFE_0167 EFE_0170 EFE_0173 EFE_0178 EFE_0182 EFE_0184 EFE_0206 EFE_0208 EFE_0210 EFE_0211 EFE_0213 EFE_0214 EFE_0215 EFE_0219 EFE_0221 EFE_0223 EFE_0224 EFE_0230 EFE_0232 EFE_0234 EFE_0243 EFE_0244 EFE_0257 EFE_0265 EFE_0269 EFE_0272 EFE_0276 EFE_0280 EFE_0284 EFE_0289 EFE_0300 EFE_0301 EFE_0302 EFE_0309 EFE_0311 EFE_0317 EFE_0319 EFE_0321 EFE_0324 EFE_0325 EFE_0328 EFE_0330 EFE_0336 EFE_0341 EFE_0343 EFE_0345 EFE_0346 EFE_0354 EFE_0364 EFE_0371 EFE_0372 EFE_0380 EFE_0384 EFE_0392 EFE_0398 EFE_0402 EFE_0431 EFE_0447

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