Recap: BET Awards

So I watched the BET awards…

And felt no judgment! I was inspired by the instances where I saw God’s love. Unlike my typical criticism of artists who thank God and sing sin inspired songs, I was in awe of the blessing that had been given to them. I remembered God’s word declaring he was the provider of every good and perfect thing. I also considered God’s right to give and take away. Of course certain songs should not be glorified, as we are called to guard our hearts from temptation. However, I am saying God’s children are not limited to those in the pews. Ultimately God is the one who has given dynamic artists their platform.

Sometimes we as┬áChristians wrap ourselves in conspiracy theories that blatantly dispute the word of God, which indicates God’s control over all of the earth. Yes the enemy can use what God has given and tarnish its original plan if we allow him to. But the enemy did not create our souls or unique purposes as human beings. The enemy cannot take a small town singer from the projects to live among life changers in Beverly Hills. The enemy cannot change an audience’s heart to finally embrace a young girl, who just wanted to perform her entire life . Most importantly the enemy cannot take credit for the individuals who stand out among millions who are talented too.

Personally, I’m tired of giving the enemy credit for the entertainment industry. Although he has manipulated and deceived, he has not taken the place of our Heavenly Father who can use anyone for his glory. An artist who is rooted in sin today may be the one to lead others to the deliverer tomorrow. The artist who believes sex sells, could very well be the individual who leads others out of sexual immortality in the future.

What if we embraced those with talent without forcing them to sing about church? What if we taught musicians to accept God’s word totally and express their life story through his point of view. What if we weren’t so focused on the secular and the sacred, by teaching all people about the wages of sin and true enjoyment in Christ? Imagine a generation influenced by media favorites who loved Christ and practiced his ways. Imagine a generation that saw Jesus as a lifestyle rather than a man spoken about on Sundays.

Sofia Maame is a student, writer and entrepreneur.

Twitter & Instagram: sofia_maame


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