RECAP: @MeekMill, @YoGottiKom, @Jacquees, @ShyGlizzy, @WillThaRapper Perform At @BTIFestival

If you missed the Break The Internet Fest 2016, then you certainly did miss out on some great performances. However, Raro Lae’s got you covered because we caught the greatest moments of the night on film! The coverage was filmed and directed by videographer and photographer,  Oso1k and media personality,Raro Lae.

Probably the biggest highlight of every attendee’s night was when Meek Mill performed and everything that led up to it. In true Philly biker style, Meek Mill rolled into the backstage of his performance on his dirtbike, accompanied by his crew.

At first, there was only a few Dream chasers on stage with Meek, but that quickly changed when Shy Glizzy, Manolo Rose, Skola, Young Goldie, accompanied him on stage performing hit singles such as Cut It, Dreams and Nightmares, Levels and more.

However, Meek Mill’s tribute to Lor Scoota is what really wowed the crowd, and despite the concert being in DC, had the most positive feedback from the crowd than any other performance.

Lor Scoota, was Baltimore’s hottest fast-rising artist who was murdered in cold blood, just a week before his manager, who is also Chino of MMG’s brother, was shot and killed a week after Lor Scoota. One of Lor Scoota’s hit singles was “Bird Flu” which was taking over the airwaves nation wide.

When Yo Gotti came on stage, fans who couldn’t didn’t get tickets in time for the festival, were dancing in the streets, on top of cars and objects, rapping lyric for lyric. Yo Gotti saw them and shouted them out for the love.

Yo Gotti, Jacquees, Will Da Rapper, Dreezy, and Reesa Renee all also, performed their hit singles, and had a few messages for the crowd during BTI Festival in Washington, DC!

Jacquees had all the ladies singing his lyrics back to him, and despite a few technical difficulties(which were no fault of his own), Jacquees kept the show going.

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