Reese Witherspoon Stuns On Harper’s BAZAAR Cover!

Reese Witherspoon looked breathtaking as she graced the cover of Harper’s BAZAAR February issue! The gorgeous actress was captured in wavy blond locks, natural makeup, and an adorable smile!

The 39 year-old actress shined in a stunning red Michael Kors Collection dress with a teasing plunging neckline. Hair stylist, Teddy Charles for Kerastase Parisher, styled her golden locks in bouncy, capacious curls, while her makeup, done by Gucci Westman, was very natural but with a subtle bronze glow.


The Oscar winning actress and mother 3 shared with BAZAAR what is was like turning 40, acting and being a mom.

Reese also shared her plans for her 40th birthday! “You know, live music, eating, kids [with friends and family in Nashville]….I wanted to hike Machu Picchu. But then I was like, ‘Wait, I did enough hiking last year.’ I’m done with hiking for a minute.” she shared.



The beauty also compares her life now to her 20s too, stating: “I’m much more open now. In my 20s, I was scared of everything. I didn’t know what my career was. I didn’t know why people liked my movies. I was wary of interacting with people. I was 25 when Legally Blonde came out, 26 for Sweet Home Alabama, and 29 for Walk the Line. And I was scared, really scared. Now I feel like a different person. It’s a great thing getting older. You are who you are; you say what you mean.”

Witherspoon also appears to be a very down-to-earth wife. She shared “You know what I like to do? Reorganize bookshelves and my sock drawer. [My husband] Jim’s like, ‘What have you been doing for four hours in your closet?’ I’m like, ‘Um, re-organizing my underwear?’”


Want to read more on this gorgeous actress? Don’t forget to get your copy of Harper’s BAZAAR when they hit newsstands on January 19th.


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