Resentment (Bitterness or ill will)

Okay, this post is not about Beyonce (sorry Beyhive lol) but it is about something we all face, forgiveness!

Forgiveness is a rough concept, I know I had trouble understanding what forgiveness really was. It takes nothing to say I’m sorry but it feels like eternity to feel like you actually mean it.

I’ve learned Forgiveness is more than saying you forgive a person, it’s your action towards them. I had to
take a step back and apply my issues of forgiveness to the bible. If God has called me to honor and love all people, am I really showing forgiveness in my life? If somebody forgot your birthday are you quick to say you’ll forget theirs. If somebody has previously missed deadlines are you quick to give their assignment to others?(That was so me lol). If your parents have hurt you in the past do you to change your outlook on who they are as people(me as well)?

Forgiveness is such a tricky concept because it often hides itself, when you realize you have a negative attitude towards a person or situation that is un-forgiveness. When you refuse to allow a person to show you change because of way back when, that is also a lack of forgiveness.If you can’t receive help or council from someone because they’ve disappointed you, that too is un- forgiveness.

So….How do you change?( Prayer and patience, still working on it! lol, but…)

It’s never simple but there are ways:

1) Be honest with yourself, are you holding a grudge.. No really are you always throwing shade?

2) Pray that God shows you how to act out forgiveness. Doing shows your heart while speaking shows your words.

3) If you find yourself holding grudges remind yourself life is short, will that argument really matter in a year or two. If I’m hurt what can I do to heal?

Most importantly, remember someone has forgiven and will continuously forgive no matter what you’ve done.

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