REVIEW: @SmallFootMovie Is Not Only Hilarious & Entertaining, But Tackles Issues In Society

At first glance, of course you can assume that Smallfoot will be quite entertaining for kids. However, the kicker is not all would assume it would be a movie quite as entertaining for adults. Well, let me just tell you. I was pleasantly surprised and extremely entertained (essentially I was laughing hysterically throughout the movie, swaying to the beat & rhythm to the random musical moments and gripping to my seat at certain points).

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The plot started a bit slow, but once Migo ran into a bit of trouble with the town, the story line quickly picked up. Migo joined Meechee (Zendaya) in an underground resistance group to the teachings of the stones. Where his members confirmed he was not alone in his beliefs, despite what had happened.

Smallfoot the movie however, was not only entertaining but also taught very important moral and ethical qualities. It encouraged the Yeti’s and viewers alike, to question the norm and do one’s own investigations. The Yeti’s lived by the laws and writings of the “great stones”, and until Milgo met a human, also referred to as a “smallfoot”, the Yeti’s for the most part never had a reason to question the authenticity of the stones. However, after Migo (Channing Tatum) discovers the smallfoot, it seems as if many stones were beginning to be turned.

The Yeti’s were taught to suppress any questions they had, especially if it questioned ancient laws. In the movie, they even had a quite visual and comical method for getting rid of their urge to ask questions. However, scenes like this in the movie, as well as in the Stonekeeper’s (Common) cave home and even in the Yeti town had an eery resemblance to socio-economical issues we are now facing now. From reacting in violence due to the fear of the unknown, to living and acting in ignorance due to the lack of knowledge, and perhaps the biggest issue — facts hidden from all to control a specific narrative.

Smallfoot raised valid points see in society now, that when you speak against the “norm” some will label you as crazy or a trouble maker, because they fear the spreading of the knowledge they know you have now attained. Just as the Stonekeeper stated, “Knowledge is power. The question is what are you going to do with it?”.

Smallfoot ultimately shows you the outcome of what happens when two different individuals decide to do two totally different things with the truth and their knowledge, which in itself is also another lesson itself.

Smallfoot hits theaters, September 28, 2018 and is a must watch for all ages!






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