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Waiting in line at my local Walmart my eyes glare across a magazine cover slandering Kim Kardashian. Rather than my normal SMH and criticizing her career, I had the sudden urge to pray for her. It may sound super spiritual or “holier than thou,” but I knew it was God instructing me so I had to be obedient. After dwelling on what had happened it dawned on me, as the light of this world what am I doing to help those who society pushes into darkness (Eventually using them for darkness)? The media will stop at nothing to humiliate human beings who clearly want to move on from their poor mistakes. Like puppets we like who we’re told to like, judge without solution and behave as if commandments against gossip do not apply to “Celebrities.” In reality the only difference between a celebrity and your neighbor down the street is exposure and or financial wealth. Now you may say fame is a chosen career, but I believe fame does not equate media stoning. As a Christian I am told to be in the world and not of the world a leader who is led by Christ. Surely I cannot condone sin either but God’s love conquers all and Jesus poured out himself for our sin. Yes I can judge character but I cannot judge a soul, yes I know someone by his or her fruits but I am unaware of the seeds. In other words I wonder where are the Billy Graham’s of the world, speaking to ALL people the love of Christ? Why must everyone be forgiven except those on a magazine or screen? Who will pray for the freedom concerning the publicized in our generation wrapped in sinful bondage? We were all sinners yet Jesus cleansed us and we pretend as if he doesn’t belong to the innocent souls in the world. Paul said the gospel was first for the Jew and then the Greek, in this day and age I am learning salvation is for the known and the unknown. Sofia Maame is a student, writer and entrepreneur.


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