@RobKardashian Betrays Family & Is Allegedly Dating @BlacChyna! (See Pics)

Well, yesterday Kylie Jenner posted her brother, Rob, was the devil, and now we know why.

Today, Blac Chyna posted a photo of Rob Kardashian and herself. They were cuddled up, but his face was missing. But, she knew exactly what she was doing, because Rob has a very distinct tattoo.


Khloe Kardashian tweeted shortly after,

” You can do anything. But never go against family”

She later on said that she was talking about another family member who bailed on her show, but it could be applied in other instances as well.

Ironically enough, Amber Rose also followed Scott Disick. It seems like these strippers are just all around messy!

They have yet to confirm the relationship, but if I was Kylie.. Big brother would be catching these hands, confirmed or not.

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