Comfort Zone

Many of us have seen those home makeover shows that most attempt to mimic. Unfortunately the vision we have in mind is rarely replicated and we settle for a boot leg version of what we actually wanted. When it comes to college dorms, off campus housing or apartments the same thing comes into play. How can I make my room my own, for the time that I am here? What can I do to these bland walls and tiny spaces? I’ve found its best to plan your room style according to the look you’re going for. If you like a spacious room maybe a queen size bed in your apartment is not for you. If you would like to have a larger bed, maybe you should opt for a small round table to create more room space. Let’s be honest, most of us rarely do our homework when we come home and if we do it is almost never at a desk. I believe a wonderful semester requires some type of comfort or location where you feel welcomed. Why not make your welcome space your own room?

Comfort space should feel comfortable to you, and it doesn’t require a large budget. You can decorate and create your room from thrifting, visiting your local Walmart and or Target, etc.. Our rooms typically come second to our class planning and school even though, it is vital to our success.In other words, Craft your comfort zone so you can enjoy your time alone.

Bedding: Target Rug: Walmart
Bedding: Target
Rug: Walmart
photo 1-2
Table & Chair: Walmart,  Thrifted Vase,  Flowers: Walmart,  Makeup box and bag: TJ Maxx




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