Roses Really Smell

So many of us decided to become a Christian because emotion filled our life, or we felt like God’s word was unlike anything we had experienced before. Soon after you accepted Jesus, something goes off in your mind urging you to relax. After all Jesus loves you and that’s all that matters. And then, all of a sudden you step back into the real world and it feels like everything is falling a part.

You can’t seem to understand why you aren’t at the top of your class or why he or she left you because, the moment you accepted Jesus you expected roses. School is harder, work becomes more challenging and most of your relationships dissolve away. It isn’t long before you question your decision of salvation or the overall existence of God.

And then you begin to wonder, where are all the promises and visions you expected from God? Where was God when you failed that test, lost your job or felt abandoned by your family and friends? Alongside doubt, you may begin to fall in line with the rest of the world fearing God’s wrath, instead of fearing life without him. Similar to a long lost love, you wait for God to show up for days, months and sometimes years. Unfortunately, you may have substituted the long suffering pursuit of God for fortune cookie Christianity, which is why you feel alone.

Basically, Our life is full of past situations that separated us from God. Those situations have consequences even after we chose to follow Jesus. Those consequences make us stronger in God as we learn to depend on him and him alone. God’s love for us is perfect but we ourselves are not. Could you honestly imagine a world with perfect humans? Why would we need God?

In other¬†words being a part of God’s kingdom is similar to a garden of ¬†Roses. Roses are beautiful but they also have thorns and occasionally they smell.

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