Scott Disick Eats Out At Dinner With Kris! 

You shouldn’t be confused by Scott Disick’s recent return to public life: He is still being treated at a rehab center. He just doesn’t have to remain there 24/7.The reality star was photographed with Kris Jenner on Thursday in Malibu and was also spotted in a car in Beverly Hills that day. He and Jenner had dinner at the Japanese restaurant Nobu. 

Disick sparked much curiosity among fans when he returned to Instagram this week after a month-long hiatus, posting a photo showing him boarding a private jet, an ocean pic taken a few miles inland, a shot of a car stereo playing The Weeknd’s “Beauty Behind the Madness”and a still of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in the 2005 film Mr. and Mrs. Smith, captioned, “Feelin some type of way.”

“Scott is still in a rehab program and has been able to come and go as part of the recovery process,” a source shares. 

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