Sell & Be Signed

Conspiracies about the music industry are often discussed and debated amongst friends, social media and other forums. Often times you’ll hear about what artist “sold their soul” to be where they are. Eventually someone finds evidence to prove their claims and another person comes to refute them. Ironically, soul selling is actually very blatant in the music industry today.  Although, it may not be the kind of soul selling we’re looking for. This soul selling is not one of blood agreements or pacts. Soul selling could simply be offering your identity in exchange for mere goods. These days it seems most musicians are guilty of soul selling, especially when it comes to hip-hop.

Gone are the days when you heard a moving story over a musically crafted beat. In the year 2014 mainstream hip-hop has taken over and it’s all about securing a contract for fame, money and babes. At this point it’s no longer about the experience or love of music, it’s all about how well you perform for your masters.  By masters I mean record executives, who seem to care less about the art of music. Below you can view a video of mainstreams most recent capture. Bobby Shmurda known for his Shmoney dance is filmed parading around the room as he is being observed. Sadly this video reminded me of a scene from roots or 12 years a slave, another black man frantically dancing to prove his worth. Things would be different if Shmurda was actually negotiating his deal with the others, seated at their table and treated with respect. I’m not sure if other artists have to jump around the room to be signed, but I do feel another  was once again sacrificed.

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