Senegalese Model @KhoudiaDiop Marks Independence Day With These GORGEOUS Pictures

Khoudia Diop’s latest photos will make you embrace your melanin even more!

The Senegalese native served serious looks in all her melanin glory, as a tribute to her country Senegal on their Independence Day.

The shoot which is titled Nyenyo  was inspired by the Senegal’s Independence Day and saw Khoudia transform into a Wolof woman while trying to share her culture, heritage and the beauty of Senegal. The model said,

“My Senegalese roots mean so much to me… It’s very personal. I love my country, my culture, my heritage. It is home and also a major part of who I am. I discovered so much about myself, and my culture has had a huge impact and importance on my journey of self-love… From loving my upbringing to the bullying then seeing the world outside of Senegal. Are there things I would change? Sure! But there are also certain things I cherish about being a Senegalese (Wolof woman).

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