Serena Williams Fires Back At Her Haters 

Serena Williams is done defending her body.  
The tennis star opened up to the U.K.’s The Times magazine about her muscular frame and revealed that she’s aware of what gets said behind her back. But rather than address the haters’ mean comments all the time, she opted to do something different: learn to love herself.
“I know I get flack for my physique, and it has been a struggle to love my body, but now curves are in and I’m happier in myself,” she told the British publication. She also explained that the criticism began when she was just a little girl and that she struggled seeing more petite sports stars surrounding her.
“When I was younger, it was hard seeing all these thin athletes when I had more muscular curves and was big-busted,” she added. “Just try running with DDs that are bouncing seven inches up and down! It’s distracting, not to mention dangerous, because you can tear ligaments.”

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